Jewellery Care

Through our commitment to excellence of quality, artisanship and design we only make jewellery from solid precious metals and finely cut precious gemstones of superior colour. This gives our jewellery the durability to last multiple lifetimes and the ability to be handed down through generations of family.

This said, all jewellery will need to be cared for correctly over time. It’s natural for jewellery made of precious metals to develop small scratches to the surface with wear and a slight maturing in the colour of the metal. To bring a shine back to your jewellery please use the polishing cloth provided with your packaging. Alternatively, we offer a professional cleaning service. 

Although your jewellery will not be damaged when worn while showering, swimming or cleaning, textured parts of the jewellery may collect residue of cleaning products making the jewellery appear unclean, so we recommend removing your jewellery when using cleaning products or showering. If your jewellery does collect any dirt, a clean will remove this.

A very small percentage of cleaning and cosmetics products can also oxidise sterling silver, which will turn it black. This can be removed with a polishing cloth to a raised surface but it is harder to clean in textured areas. To remove oxidisation from a textured area will require a professional clean.

 Cleaning Options

To clean your jewellery there are three options depending on level of cleaning required.

To clean a flat part of polished jewellery, you can use a jewellery polishing cloth which will bring a shine back to the metal.

To remove trapped dirt from your jewellery, soak it in some warm water with washing up liquid for 10 minutes. Then with a gentle brush (a soft bristled/baby toothbrush should work), brush your pieces of jewellery where the dirt has collected.


Alternatively, we offer a professional cleaning or maintenance service. We charge £50 for this service and require the jewellery to be sent or delivered to our London atelier.