Design, Craft & Artisanship

All our jewellery is designed and developed in our London studio. Our approach to designs is deeply rooted in our philosophy of pursuing detailed research and timeless creation to amplify and heighten the beauty of a connection to natural world. As a result, our jewellery embodies meaning and an aesthetic that unites naturalism with luxury and classic elegance.

Inherent to this practice is a pursuit for new ideas and creative expansion. For this reason, we dedicate many hours to experimentation and the development of new techniques and methods of making. Our jewellery is then handcrafted by our team of in-house and partner jewellery artisans between three London ateliers (Excluding chain which is made in Italy) before being sent to our customers. This commitment to the localised making and the human hand stands to support superior quality, skill retention, unique creation and jewellery which carries the warmth of human connection. This focus on experimentation and development as well as a focus on the human hand and localised making is what gives Bleue Burnham jewellery its unique aesthetic.