For SS24 Bleue Burnham launches: TRUST IS ALIVE PART II, which explores the spirituality of the natural world and the concept of trusting the nature that surrounds you.

The collection sees the continual development of the Bleue Burnham aesthetic which encapsulates the essence of nature in jewellery via concept, proportion, texture and colour. This includes the use of new cuts of sapphire including triangular and square cuts in the development of a Bleue Burnham classic silhouette: The Rose Garden Signet, which becomes The Cottage Rose Garden Signet. The use of these new cuts of sapphire continues into a classic pendant shape and a radiant cocktail ring. Throughout the collection there are developments with stone setting techniques including The Sacred Oak Ring which suspends round-cut sapphires with a unique side opening. The collection also features heritage signet rings and pendants with natural gifts such as ‘Olive Oil’ and ‘Sunshine’ playfully contrasted with traditional hand-engraving. Bleue Burnham’s focus on humankind’s loving relationship with natural materials continues, with bamboo spotlighted, creating statement styles such as the Bamboo Ring and refined and delicate styles such as The Bamboo Band and The Bamboo Pendant.